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Sunday 17 May 2015

Suicidio Autonomo- #1 Spring 2004 - (Spain-Magazine-2004)

A very comprehensive magazine  with lots of various articles talking about the suicide without apologies or taboos.
It has 132 pages full of very interesting ideas/messages/articles and more stuff about the voluntary death,its meanings,some of very famous suicides,political prisoners contributions,philosophy and techniques for the self-annihilation.
I know they released a number 0 of this magazine before this issue,I`d love to read it.
All the articles here are copy left and free to re-use or let circulate.
I `ve heard that some of the people involved in this magazine they are now writing on this very good blog.
This is an excellent magazine about this  subject with lots of very in depth articles.
Only for people  speaking Spanish...
Enjoy it.
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