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Saturday 23 May 2015

ORIGAMI REPLIKA - Pro-Life - (Biotope Art Organization-UK-c60-199?)

I already spoke about a part of this  project  when I posted those tapes by Origami.In fact Origami Replika is another cell coming from Origami Republika,a complex project from Norway.

Origami Republika is a world-wide collective based in Norway, releasing music under almost any genre, as well as artwork and written works. Membership is by application, and every member has a number. Many of the artists under this collective banner produce under names starting with "Origami".Here their official webpage.
I also already spoke about this amazing label
Biotope Art Organization,tape-label born in Southern Italy 
and then relocated in UK.There are many productions in this blog by this cool label,all very good.Enjoy it.

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