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Saturday 21 December 2013

ESTRO ASSENTE-Carne di Fangazione,performance -video (original recording 1993-final editing 2013) new and unreleased-eng.subs.

"As the sun disappear into it's longest and darkest night; before it shall re-emerge to bring forth light and warmth once more to these dark & cold times"  I am going to post here something very special for me and completely unreleased.

Estro Assente is just another name for the ghost collective E.A.,a group active in the 90s and coming from different cities in Southern Italy ,Their aim was to spread the concept of anti-art using different media such as:copy art,fanzines,ready made,sculptures,papier mache` masks,mail art,spitfire,naked bodies,theatre actions,experimental music,sound collages,mail networking and more.

I already spoke about E.A. on Vita Ignes Corpus Lignum blog when I did pass to Crepusculum the E.A. Tapeography, here if you want to read more and download the tapes.
Now about this video;those recordings where made back in May/June 1993,since then these VHS tapes have been forgotten in my parent`s place accumulating dust for 20 years.

Only 1 year ago I managed to digitalize all those  video cassettes and  few months ago I eventually got into the video editing knowledge in order to create something out of them and show it to my friends via the net.I must give a big "thank you" to my friend Terra Umana for the big help and support while working on those videos,without him I would probably be still trying to figure out "how and when"!

I added to this video few info so this introduction is enough,it has english subtitles.

Enjoy this video-performance - unique and yet totally unreleased.


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  1. This is amazing, a true piece of history, I love the ritual expression, this performance is worthy of great respect, reflects the power of the underworld Inspires the current generation to rebel against the hypocrisy of contemporary art course.
    We must act! we must be intensely

    Thank you very much for sharing this invaluable gem.

    Greetings from across the world.