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Wednesday 18 December 2013

M.E.3-wat is vrijheid-dada is(s)t Gott(Sepulkrales katakombes-Belgium-c90-199x)

M.E.3 appears to be another project  of the very prolific artist which the real name is Cedrik Fermont.
Sepulkrales Katakombes was his own personal label back in the 90s and this tapes came out on this label.
Cedrik is a very ecletic artist and he`s been collaborating with a  large number of artists across the globe.
Here I gonna  link some info I  did find on the net for you  most curious ones,there is so much to write about him that it`s just easier to link those pages here.Cedrik is now the owner of this cds label called Syrphe.On this page you`ll find some albums as free download and more info about all his collaborations.He also plays in Axiome with Olivier Moreau aka Imminent.
This tape is crafted with experimental electronic music going from the hypno-electro to some form of mellow noize-ambient and /or pure  abstract experiments.
Edited in a limited edition of 50 copies back in the mid 90s,it`s now not available anymore.
For your  "pleasure listenings" ...


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