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Tuesday 17 December 2013

HIATUS -Live In MKNZ Slovenja -(Atomic Fart-c60-Slovenja-1995)

Hiatus-one of the best crust punk bands coming out from the crypt of the 90s,oh yes it was actually them creating the genre that we know as crust punk now days,in the beginnings of the 90s they were the ultimate fast-crust punk band hailing from  Belgium and playing fast music for cool people...It was great fun to meet them in Italy back in 1994 and then in Switzerland at the Schrott Bar festival(Biel) and again in Belgium and England.This is a live tape recorded in one of their gig in Slovenia  back in 1995,very possibly during their tour of " El sueno De La Razon Produce Monstruos" lp,that came out on Nabate Recs,little and very cool label from Liege(Belgium)...their home-town.
The great thing of this tape is the  very good recording of this gig...this tape just delivers us their full force as a
great live band and furious alcohol propelled fast musicians.
Enjoy it,yes it`s a rare tape :)


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  2. Muchas Gracias bro. Vi tu mensaje en mi blog!. Espero en unas semanas regresar con el blog, por si no te habías dado cuenta, bloquee las descargas pero lo retomaré pronto subiendo discos raros y no tan raros...

  3. thankss for your hardwork. love this recording