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Friday 21 August 2020

STENKA BAZIN-A Sacris-(Émergence Du Refus-France-c60-1985)

Stenka Bazin is a french noise project by the musician Claude Escarmant active in the mid-80s. 
He took this name from the Russian rebel Stenka Bazin who refusing to reveal his allies names, he was murdered when they cut into pieces his hands and legs and his body was given as food to dogs. (info is taken from La Pelle Muta blog)
The music here is a perfect example of brutalism industrial coming from the first wave of industrial music of the 80s.
Émergence Du Refus was the personal tape label by Claude Escarmant releasing his own works and related artists.
Enjoy it.
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A1 Rituel
A2 In Limine
A3 Raptus
A4 Conscience Immolée
A5 Sanie I
B1 A Sacris
B2 Dixi
B3 Credo
B4 Sani II

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  1. …Some klassic underground sounds here from someone I didn't know until now