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Friday 7 August 2020

fIREHOSE-Peel Session 1988-(Unreleased-1988)

Firehose was formed in the spring of 1986 shortly after the accidental death of D. Boon brought an end to Watt and Hurley's previous band, Minutemen. Crawford, a then 21-year-old Ohio State student and Minutemen fan was invited up on the roof of Camper Van Beethoven's van in Columbus, Ohio.[1] The members of Camper Van Beethoven told Crawford a false rumour that Watt and Hurley were auditioning guitarists for the band.[2] Crawford, having found Watt's phone number in the phone book, called him up and expressed his desire to come out to California and play with them.[3] Still mourning the loss of his friend Boon, Watt initially was not interested and had lost much of his desire to play music,[4] however, Crawford's persistence eventually paid off when he showed up unannounced in San Pedro and asked Watt for the chance to come over and play for him.[3] Watt eventually agreed and the two met with Crawford "auditioning" for Watt by playing him The Who's "I'm One," as well as a few Minutemen songs.[3] Impressed with Crawford's passion and enthusiasm, Watt and Hurley agreed to give the inexperienced "kid" from Ohio a shot and the band was formed. Crawford quickly relocated to San Pedro where he became known as ed fROMOHIO and spent nine months sleeping under a desk in Watt's one-bedroom apartment. The name of the band was taken from a short film of Bob Dylan doing "Subterranean Homesick Blues" as Watt thought it was funny when Dylan held up a cue card for the lyric that said "firehose". The name is stylized as "fIREHOSE" with a lowercase f as a subtle tribute to the Minutemen whose logo was an all caps MINUTEMEN.[2]
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