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Saturday, 29 August 2020

TAINT-Justmeat-(Slaughter Productions-Italy-1995)

Taint was a power electronics project formed by Keith Brewer: Texas-based Power Electronics Producer. Born in 1970, died in 2019. 
This tape was released by the legendary  Slaughter Productions
label covered in this blog many times.
Enjoy it.


Rosebud 3:07
Boyrape 4:31
Berdella's Fist 5:52
Bathroom Cock 6:13
Eyeler's Hour 4:37
Justmeat 5:40
Blood Action 2:13
Thick Fist 2:15
New To Shit Scene 3:39
Torture Toy 2:44
Asswomb 2:27
Expensive Tastes 0:59
Primis Player Placeholder

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