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Tuesday 7 May 2019

Lieselotte-Live/Pakita-M.S.1.-(Split Tape-Self Released-Switzerland-1998)

Split tape with two very different acts, on one side Lieselotte from Switzerland and on the other side Pakita from Spain.
There is not much info on the cover sleeve although from the few info I can guess a few things.

Lieselotte plays a fast and angry HC punk with political lyrics sung in French language, just 2 lyrics reported on the cover sleeve, it is a live recording of their gig held on 24/02/1998 in an antifascist festival in Neuchatel(Switzerland).
 Although recorded live the overall quality is pretty good, I imagine their live shows must be really powerful.

Pakita seems to be a one-woman project from Spain. She plays a rather violent form of noise industrial made with machines, echos, effects, feedbacks and filtered vocals,
this session was recorded in her "cave" in August 1998 and the recording is awesome.

Other than this info I am not sure if this tape was self-released and where it was released, I guess in Switzerland.

This is definitely a tape both for people into HC punk and Industrial Noise.
Enjoy it. 
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