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Friday 3 May 2019

v.a.-MOTO PERPETUO-(Gregorsamsa-Italy-1989)

Incredible old cassette compilation mixing international artists from the old school industrial scene of the 80s.Many styles of difficult music: industrial, esoteric, experimental electronic, drone, noise and more...you name it.
Gregorsamsa was a small tape label active on the end of the 80s. It was managed by Guido Lusetti and releasing mostly unknown industrial acts.
Enjoy it.


A1 L.S.D. (3) Rifrazioni Rubate 1
A2 Klimperei Artane
A3 Somewhere In Europe Sheperd Of Fire
A4 Black Flowers Mind Of Red Eyes
A5 Thuscia Tanz Den Deutsch
A6 Peace And Freedom Paperback Writer Meets Yellow Submarine
A7 Teatrino Della Volpe (Senza Titolo)
A8 Synthetic Handshake / ITN False Image
A9 Subliminale Phrenology
B1 factor X Untitled
B2 Officine Schwartz Agg' Male
B3 Mike Shannon (2) Old Style Romantic
B4 Flagrants D'Eli Spirit In The Machine
B5 Due (2) Le Printemps
B6 Majorana Trepidazione