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Monday 31 October 2016

VOICE OF DESTRUCTION-The Seventh-(Blatant Records-South Africa-1992)

Formed in 1986 as a punk band in Cape Town by guitarist Greg McEwan Marriot, V.O.D. are considered "the Godfathers of South African metal".
After incessant performances, underground tape compilation appearances and several demo effort releases, the band strikes it big by signing to German record label Morbid Records in 1995. Watershed album "Bloedrivier" (Afrikaans for "Blood River") was released the following year. V.O.D. toured through much of Europe, finally returning back home to play at the 1998 Oppikoppi and 1999 Woodstock festivals.
The group disbanded in 1999 (with March 2009 having seen a reunion tour).
Members have included vocalists Neil "The Viking", Stewart Hendry and finally Francois Breytenbach Blom; drummers Neil "Thunder", Dangerous Dan Dion and Paul André Blom; Johan De Jager on 2nd guitar (for a short period); Radley Clack (Wacky Clacky Radley) and Diccon Harper on bass duties; with the only constant being guitarist Greg McEwan Marriott.
(from a discogs page dedicated to them)
Not to be confused with the US ambient/EBM band Voice of Destruction that released an album titled Black are the Souls of the Damned with a pentagram on the cover.
According to the band's official website, Voice of Destruction reunited for one month in March 2009 for a nationwide farewell tour in South Africa. Also, it is reported that a DVD entitled The V.O.D Archives Vol. II: Live '93 & Europe '95-'96 has been set to be released in late March/early April.
From 2009, the band is no longer active, even if they didn't split up officially, however the band announced in June of 2014 that they will perform a reunion show at Witchfest Festival in 2015.
(from Encyclopedia Metallum)
I posted the very first demo by this amazing band,you`ll find it here
and this is their official webpage.
Enjoy it.
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