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Sunday 23 October 2016

OUR GLASSIE AZOTH-Our Glassie Azoth-(Self Released-UK-199?)

Our Glassie Azoth was a project strictly tied with Alphane Moon, I spoke already about this Welsh pagan act when I posted the fanzine with the same name and their great cd The Echoing Grove
This tape is listed on their discogs page only as cd released on the German label Plate Lunch in 1997 yet I am sure I have received it from them few years earlier as tape-production.
4 tracks(2 each side) of dronish guitar feedbacks,acid ambient and some echoing noises reverberating from imaginary distant dark fairytales lands.
For all the lovers of obscure esoteric sonics this is an excellent cassette.
If you liked Alphane Moon then you`ll love this one too.
Enjoy it.


  1. You would be correct, according to the Sound Projector it was put out in a 1996 limited run of 100 copies: