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Friday 18 September 2015

v.a.ANYWHERE OUT OF WORLD-Compilation Incense-(Incense-France-c60-1992)

This is an amazing compilation of atmosferic brutal death metal with very oscure  yet brilliant bands.
Maybe we could call this music esoteric death metal or something similar.
If I am not misteken this was released by Cyril Herry,artist already covered in this blog when I posted the excellent fanzine "Le Journal De Ruines"
Enjoy it. 
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Track listing:

a01-SHUD-vox in exceleo
a02-MORTAL FEAR-scorn of life
a03-NIGHTFALL-domestication of wildness
a04-THE HORDE OF TORMENT-pain asylum
a05-SUPURATION-in remembrance of a coma
b01-MORDOR-last demoniac invocation
b02-DROYS-forbidden ritual
b03-CHANNEL ZERO-no light
b04-MISANTHROPE-lord (of fate)

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