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Tuesday 29 September 2015

ORANGE WORLD/PLEASANT VALLEY CHILDREN-Squat Muzak Part 1-Live-(Resistance Productions-Switzerland-1990)

Orange World is the band  before Earth Citizens,I posted one tape by them,you`ll find it here.
Pleasant Valley Children is one of the band by  Sned of Flat Earth Records,about this cool label you`ll find lots of info and free downloads in their blog,go here.
This tape was recorded live in a squat in Zurich(Switzerland) on 09/07/1990.You will find lots of info + the lyrics in the folded cover sleeve.
Fast,furious HC Punk with political lyrics.
Resistance Productions was a small yet very political label  active in Switzerland in the 90s!!I posted already quite few tapes and zines by this label.A discogs page about them is here.
Good punk stuff from the past.
Up the Punx.
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