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Saturday 18 April 2015

EPA NYYRO-Rock`n`Roll Years 1981-1991-(Joukkohourma Prods-Finland-c90-1992)

28 songs on this long c90 exploring 10 years of  life of this unknown band from Finland.The title of the cassette talk about Rock`n`Roll : It is definitely a little joke,in fact the music here it  is a sick form of weird experiments with normal instruments played in a funny yet chaotic way.On the top of it you`ll get screams yelled with  deranged vocals,and it`is only a pity that every song is sung in Finnish language,so I have no idea what are the subjects of those crazy songs.Every now and again their music change for something a bit more conventional but the change last very short time.
Beside having few little troubles trying to explain you the music of this project or band and knowing that they were active in the 80s in Finland,Epa Nyyro remains a mystery to me:
Anybody with more info about them out there???
Joukkomurha Prods(Engl. Mass Murder or Massacre) was a small label managed by Jupe Luoma in Vaasa(Finland).The title of the label was later watered down to a more neutral-sounding (maybe even a wee bit more) JM-Tapes.The label was originally started just for fun, as a continuation to the creative stream of small press activity and it was active producing the plethora of cassette-only albums (or albums, as John Bartles would put it!) and compilations of folk / punk / electronic / aggressive / art music(k) and odd bits of sound all the way from Ohio to Okinawa.It was in action between 1989 and 1998. In total, there were more than 70 releases during that time of angst, madness and creativity,and yes there are lot of other releases by this label on this blog...
Enjoy it.
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