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Friday 17 April 2015

v.a.-AudioResistance 3.0 - (Cd-AudioResistance-Italy-2001)

"Audio Resistance is a d.i.y. music collective based in Rome born in 2000 in the outskirts of the city. Our sounds are against copyright because we think that music and culture in general should not be for sale but should be free and accessible to every body. We choose to selfproduce our music because we think it is a way to make our expression free outside the rules of capital. It is very important for us to share experience with people around the world. So we invite anyone who should be interested to contact us to try to create a collaboration.
From here you can listen and download our d.i.y. music realeases and other d.i.y. releases from people and
friends around us. We want to promote the indipendent music, we want to spread the world like a germ."

taken from their official website,where you will find more info about their activities and lots of music as free download including all the other compilations of this series and related artists.
Very good electronic music,different genres,techno oriented beats,dance-floor rhythms,cyborg mutant sounds and more creative whizzed sonic assaults:this is a great compilation.
Enjoy it.
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"No Copyright for situations whose activity is explicitly oriented to take relations, pleasures, loves, wealth, ideas and styles out of the ideological rule of capital."

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