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Saturday 4 April 2015

ANDROMEDA COMPLEX -Demo-(Self Released-Italy-1994-c46)

Back in 1994 I did received this from Celestino Pes,I am not sure if this is a proper demo and /or how many copies were distributed at the time.
I digitalized it more than 5 years ago and passed my digital copy to Vita Ignes Corpus Lignum blog,I am  re-posting it here including the very good review by Crepusculum,thanx mate.
Enjoy it.
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"Andromeda Complex were thee elektro experimental projekt formed in 1993 by Italian artists Angelo Bergamini (keyboards and programming) and Celestino Pes (vocals and guitar).. as a projekt they ceased to exist in 1998 after four official releases which were produced by Angelo Bergamini [as well as at least a dozen compilation appearances].. this is their exceptionally rare self-released demo from 1994!!

thee opening piece: theme of the mistress; tis an interesting harpsichord/synth medieval-esque sort ov introductory opus..

following next tis thee effing great restrained elektro sequencing and sparse gothick synthesizer composition entitled: the servant!!

thee next piece: black versailles; consists ov subdued synthesizer drones with slow sequencer development and drearilly harmonizing raw masculine gothick vocalisations!!

onto thee next side ov thee cassette, and to thee next step in elektro production!! la filosofia del boudoir elettrico begins with great esoteric body music sequencing, and drops out about four minutes in to swelling vocal drones.. a few stuttery steps further as ambient squall develops, and suddently cessation..

thee final piece: la filosofia del boudoir meccanico; consists ov mechanical projektor noize humming away whilst an unknown [to this writer] cinematic tale ov erotic cruelty unfolds amidst somber piano workx..

Track listing:

a01-theme of the mistress
a02-the servant
a03-black versailles
b01-la filosofia del boudoir elettrico
b02-la filosofia del boudoir meccanico

(transferred by [[F@R@W@Y]] / review by crepusculum)"

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