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Friday, 18 July 2014

TWISTED SYSTEM-Mind Filled With Obsessions-(Self Released-Belgium-2003)

Twisted System was a short lived Belgian  band including  ex members of Hiatus and Unhinged.
My friend Bis sent me this little biography and some nice pics.Big thanx mate :)
For the crust punk lovers worlwide,this is a little gem,hard to find.
Enjoy it.
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"Twisted System was born in Liege(Belgium) on May/June 2001.

First line up with member of Hiatus,Unhinged and Medication Time(Usa).

Manu-vocals(ex Unhinged)

Phil-guitar-backing vocals(ex Hiatus)


Willy-bass(ex Hiatus/Unhinged)

Ross-drums(ex Medication Time)

First gig in December 2001 with Tragedy.

In the summer 2002 Ross leaves the band and Matthiew (ex Hellbound from Canada)

takes his place.

Unfortunately they published only a demo cd,totally d.i.y. -"Mind Filled with Obsessions"

in 2003 with a printrun of 300 copies.

The end of this band happened during their last tour(France,Spain,Switzerland) in December 2004."

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I was looking for it :D