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Saturday 12 July 2014

TENIA CORPORATION-Don`t eat me cause I `m crazy(Italy-c60-diy-1998)+Gegen Shame-(c46-Italy-diy-1997)+0043057501(diy-Italy-c46-1998)+Think Revolt-(diy,Italy,1997,c90)[New&Unreleased]

More  Tenia Corporation tapes, I wrote already about this ghost project when I posted the tapes Ninna Nanna and Tenia Corporation

Amazing pure experimental music crossing the borders of different genres to deliver us a combination of fantasy and personal messages.
This was the project by  Andrea Ceschin(with various collaborations), producing music just for his own pleasure in the late 90s-no distribution involved.
Those tapes were never released and those in my hands are the only copies done.
In fact, those tapes were never distributed and I only managed to get them as I met Marzia not long ago.
For the lovers of certain music without borders and limits towards a creative fantasy flow that stands on his own power and
Dedicated to the memory of Andrea Ceschin.
Enjoy It.

don`t eat me ...
gegen shame
think revolt

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