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Thursday 17 March 2022

DAZ LLOYD-Bill Of Rights-(TPPL/DAZ-UK-1986) + Stand Up And Be Counted -(Media Tapes-UK-1987)

This is the first post about Daz Lloyd, an amazing artist from Scunthorpe, involved in Terminus and The Apostoles. Daz wrote and recorded also his own music, leaving to us 4 great tapes.


To make this post more informative I have asked his old mates to write some info about Daz. Unfortunately, he left this world very young. This post is dedicated to his memory and his excellent music. Big thanks to Mark for introducing me to such a great artist, to PJL for digitizing these old tapes and his nice words, and to his family for giving me permission to post his tapes here and on my Youtube channel.
Enjoy it.


Bill Of Rights   Stand Up And Be Counted

 Darren Lloyd (or - like every guy given that first name - Daz to his mates) first appeared on a stage in March 1985 as guitarist in The Demised,
a band he'd co-founded in his native Scunthorpe the previous year.  That band revised and expanded its line-up shortly afterwards, subsequently changing
 its name to Declaration, but made no serious headway before breaking up in April 1986.

Over the following couple of years Daz released three cassettes: 'Bill of Rights', 'Stand Up and Be Counted', and 'The Circle'; each was a genuine solo effort with
 all vocals, guitars and bass by the man himself (the title of an instrumental on the second tape - "Wot No Drums" - was based on a common reaction to his approach
 of those who'd heard its predecessor).  Daz also popped up at a number of local gigs during this period armed only with his guitar (and voice) in a Billy Bragg stylee, but all of this was only half of the picture.

While a stint as second guitarist with established Barton band Aki (soon after Declaration's split) didn't work out, Daz subsequently remained a member of Terminus
 for long enough to appear on the first of that band's generous handful of records.  He also joined the 'enigmatic' (and mainly studio-based) Scunthorpe outfit Murderous Musicians,
 while a friendship with London-based punk band The Apostles (initially kindled through the post) led to a series of visits to their Hackney HQ -
 and an 'exchange visit' by the band's Dave 'LAMF' Fanning to Scunthorpe to appear alongside Daz (and former Declaration drummer Pete) in a one-off outfit named
after the beloved Monty Python skit, The Piranha Brothers.

By the early '90s Daz had moved to London, maintaining his association with The Apostles by recording a fourth tape - 'Sic Syke', now complete with drums! -
 at their HQ (with Dave supplying cover art, and fellow Apostles Muzz and Andy providing percussive assistance); it seems that Daz and Dave also reassumed their Piranha alter egos on occasion.
  Over the next few years our contact was scant, limited to when our paths happened to cross during Daz's visits to his family in Scunthorpe, but his permanent return home in August 1997 seemed
 to hold much promise - for one thing, it seemed that a 'reunion' of the Murderous Musicians was being discussed before he'd even had the time to unpack his cases.

Instead, Daz's relocation to Scunthorpe was followed only a few weeks later by his tragic death; he was days short of his thirty-first birthday.  He is still,
 and will always be, remembered fondly by friends, regarded highly by those who'd shared a stage with him at any point, and much missed by all who knew him.  Rock on, Daz.

PJL [mate and bandmate] March 2022