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Sunday 13 March 2022

Χειμερία Νάρκη [Hibernation] - Στη Σιωπή Της Αιώνιας Θλίψης [Into The Silence Of Eternal Sorrow] - (Power It Up/Skuld Releases-Germany-2003)

 Hardcore/Crust band formed in 1996 in Athens, Greece.
Lyrics of the band refer mainly to the current problems of the society: racism, xenophobia, social inequalities, overconsumerism, exploitation of human labour and lack of human relationships, as well as to the ecological destruction.

Original line-up:
Αλέκος Σισμανίδης - Guitar, Vocals (Χαοτικό Τέλος, Ξεχασμένη Προφητεία)
Αλέξης Λέκκας - Bass, Vocals (Νεκρική Σιγή)
• Spiros - Drums (Νεκρική Σιγή)
• Savvas - Guitar

At the end of 1997 the line-up changed:

Αλέκος Σισμανίδης - Guitar, Vocals
• Gianna - Drums (Nuclear Winter (4))
• Thanos - Bass (One Block Society)

On 8/3/199? they performed live at Porto Patrasso (Patra) along with 'Daltons' & 'Hell To Pay'.
In June 1998 they toured Europe for their first time.
In 1999 they toured Europe for second time.
In December of 2003 their first LP "Into the silence of eternal sorrow" was released and after that the band stopped playing for the next 3 years.
In September 2006 they started playing again with basic members Αλέκος Σισμανίδης, Gianna and Meletis (Straighthate).
Many live performances followed and in November 2008 Haris (Sarabante) joined the band as the second guitarist.
On 30-31/7/2010 they performed live at 'Play Fast Or Don't' Festival (Czech Republic). 

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