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Tuesday 3 November 2020

v.a.-Punk Is...AntiCD!(vol. 8)-(Resistance Productions-Switzerland-1993)

Another issue of the compilation serie :Punk Is...,I have posted many compilations of this serie and I have also posted more stuff( zines,tapes,leaflets...)by Resistance Productions a small yet very active Swiss label. This was the final issue for this serie and it came out (as usual) with a small boolet reporting lyrics+addresses of the bands and thoughts about the subject, unfortunately it is not included here,I have lost in my messy collection of zines,flyers,posters,mail art...

Enjoy it.

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A1Mal Au Dos M.A.D.-Anthem
A2 Disclose Terror Struck
A3 Vaffan Coulo Bananas
A4 Fleas And Lice Fleas And Lice
A5 Wounded Knee (2) Organized Religion
A6 Ekstremisti They Listen
A7 Shadowed Veil Carcass Carnival
A8 Necrosis United Shits Of America(U.S.A.)
A9 Hated (2) The Suffering Goes On
A10 Hüsker Ikke The Top
A11 Agente Laranja Azilo
A12 Pain And Destruction You Are Not Clean
A13 Acroholia Police State
A14 Undone No Common Points
A15 Love Over Law The Song Of The Experts
A16 Proletariat Bosanc
A17 Radical Noise The Legal Murder
A18 Scum Noise Waiting A Day To Die
A19 Manfat K.Y.I.
A20 Σκιές (2) Boredom
B1 Gruuthaagy "Medley"
B2 Disclose Nightmare
B3 Vaffan Coulo No.4
B4 Fleas And Lice Rave Is Your Grave
B5 Wounded Knee (2) Springtime
B6 Ekstremisti Whom Do You Trust?
B7 Shadowed Veil The Children's War
B8 Necrosis Discriminant
B9 Hated (2) Squandered Life
B10 Hüsker Ikke Stjerner Mot Striper
B11 Agente Laranja Da Idolatria A Penitencia
B12 Pain And Destruction Schlag Die Fascos!
B13 Acroholia Genocides
B14 Autonomy (3) Down With Excuses
B15 Love Over Law One Thousand Miles
B16 Proletariat U Pole
B17 Radical Noise Disaffect
B18 Scum Noise Stop The Chaos On Earth
B19 Manfat Traffic
B20 Σκιές (2) Imprisonment For Life


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