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Monday 23 November 2020

DödsÄngel ‎– Helgrind Demo 2009 -(Self Released-Norway-2009)

 DödsÄngel is a One-Girl band,in fact in this CD-R, Trish plays everything:Drums, Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Performer.Her music evolves into areas such as black metal mixed with some edgy crust punk.Recorded from Feb. 28 - March 6 2009 in Edmonton, Canada. Recorded and produced at DeathCult Studios.

It was also released in Thailand by Hellhouse666 Production on the same year.A great CD-R for the lovers of certain obscure violent/fast and powerful music.

Enjoy it.

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1 Eternal War 4:06
2 Wolven Hatred 4:02
3 The Last Forest 4:56
4 Subatomic Holocaust 4:00
5 The Middle Of The Night 3:54
6 Detestation 2:12
7 Life 4:42
8 Helgrind 3:26

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