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Sunday, 22 October 2017

EMILBUS LAINOMEREC EBYCOLISP-Sudor Espontaneo De Zopilote-(Self Released-Costa Rica-2017)

Here an unreleased tape by this amazing project from Alajuela (Costa Rica).
In this self-released cassette, E.L.E. plays sonic collages, industrial music and esoteric electronickx mixing messages of anti-art, protest and ritualism against this rotten society.
It was recorded during various sessions in 2015/2016 eventually re-elaborated and edited in 2017.
You can download more stuff from this project and read more info visiting their cool blog.
They worked on many projects and released interesting productions.
I feel honoured that they chose my blog to offer you this unreleased tape, big thanx to Esteban of Expresion Excentrica blog + label for passing me this little rare jewel.
For people into ritual industrial and pagan noises.
Enjoy it.
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