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Friday 9 January 2015

v.a.-MADE IN USA Volume 1-(Red Neon Tapes-Belgium-c60-1993)

Another great compilation edited and distributed by Patrick Parent,mastermind of the amazing tape-label Red Neon Tapes,a label very active during the 90s,only exchanging (not selling involved)tapes all over the world.
I spoke quite few times about it  and you`ll find in this blog many of its releases.
Enjoy this all American bands compilation,another very good one.
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A1 Missed In Diary Returning 3:50
A2 Nomuzic Song Of Atlantis 4:17
A3 Teen Milk Student - Athlete 3:13
A4 Screamin' Popeyes Bozons 4:50
A5 New Improved Jook Savages, The It's So Fucked 2:45
A6 Draeger Or Current Resident What Kinda Fool 2:03
A7 Black Leather Jesus Caged For Research 3:30
A8 Next Radio Firepower From Within (Extract) 5:17
B1 Sum-Er 4 Minhersags Lament 5:10
B2 Pineal Ventana Philosopher's Stone 5:15
B3 Beatbox "D" Reactovate-6' ' 5:36
B4 Crawl Unit New Soundtrack For An American Gigolo 4:30
B5 Donald Campau* Rattle The Cages 3:10
B6 Shake Mechanics Stobblecone Collaboration 3:26
B7 Next Radio Firepower From Within (Extract) 2:48

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