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Wednesday 21 January 2015

v.a.-WATER and IRON SCRAPS-(H.S.S.G.,Italy-1996-c60)

Back in 2010 I passed this amazing compilation to Vita Ignes Corpus Lignum blog,it is not there anymore.
I am going to re-post it here with my info written at the time.
"This compilation was assembled by Giulio of H.S.S.G. tape+zine label in Southern Italy. Giulio worked on it during 1995. His intention was to assemble a compilation with graphix+poetries inspired by the subjects: iron and water, and the consequences of them: Rust.

The final result is pretty amazing! I included here all the graphix. Almost all  the texts are in English. The cover of the zine was a hard plastic bag made in 3 parts and filled with water. One part contained the tape sealed in a plasticized cardboard box with a colour cover, and the back of the zine was made with a piece of metal grate attached to the fanzine back cover. Quite an amazing package! You`ll see the pictures here. As for the music: a very good mix of electronic-experimental music including those names: M Nomized, Lunus, Mlehst, Hermit, and few more. Some of the tracks are a real journey trying to (in a way or another) deliver to us some rust or iron/water. Some of the graphix are very nice too. I have no idea how many copies were printed by this label back in 1996."

Here also the introduction that Giulio wrote to present it.
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a01-M. NOMIZED-scrap metal
a02-LUNAR ORBITER-sinking into ironpond
a03-AFGHANISTAN-acqua e sol
a04-HERMIT-a night on the bald mountain
b01-LUNUS-wasser mond
b02-MLEHST-from the beginning to the end
b04-CNV-NOM-a water tale

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