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Friday 19 December 2014

TRESPASSERS W-Cross K- Sept Fur Fans # 3(1989-1994)-[EEtapes-Belgium-c60-1994]

Trespassers W (TW) started in 1984 as a duo, consisting of Cor Gout (vocals/lyrics) and Wim Oudijk (instruments/compositions/arrangements)and after all those years,different line up changes,various tours and albums they are still very active.
It will be very long to write about them, a long biography and discography and all the rest,this is an amazing  Dutch band mixing avant-garde,electronic and some strange noises and bizzare re-makes.
You can find all the info in their official webpage, please go here.
This is a compilation released on the legendary EE Tapes,Belgian label still active and already covered in this blog quite few times.
This is a great tape for people into avant-garde post rock and experimental music.
Enjoy it.
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