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Sunday 7 December 2014

SPLINTERED-The Judas Cradle-(Dirter Promotions-UK-1993)

Another great album by this amazing band:Splintered was an experimental noise-rock band founded by Richard Johnson (Grim Humour 'zine, Fourth Dimension Records, Lumberton Trading Company, Adverse Effect) when the band he was previously in, Playground, disbanded in 1989/1990. Splintered lasted until 1998 and also released many side-project records, often on Steve Pittis' Dirter Promotions imprint or Richard Johnson's Fourth Dimension label but likewise turning up on labels such as Meeuw Muzak and Ralf Wehowsky's Selektion. Splintered ground to a hiatus shortly following a European tour in late 1997 (with a lineup including James Hodson, later of Faust, Hassni Malik, Colin Bradley, Stuart Carter and Richo), although a final release happened soon after. Stuart Carter, Hassni Malik and Richard Johnson then formed Theme, a group more concerned with abstract textures, drones, occasional eastern sounds, cut-ups and suchlike than anything resembling the 'rock' employed by Splintered. Theme continue to this day, plus there is talk of renewed Splintered activity... (info taken from discogs)
This English label Dirter is still alive and kicking here their webpage,this cd was pressed in 1000 copies back in 1993 and it`s not available any longer.
Great music.Amazing band.
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