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Saturday 8 October 2022

Off With Her Head Promotions Flyer (UK-1991)

"The gig in question: Earth Citizens/ Pszychisz Terror/ Duckwind, The Queens Hotel, Scunthorpe, Saturday 25th May 1991

Two 'punk' bands from Switzerland, Pszychisz Terror, apparently, refused to open their luggage at customs and got turned back. "More Cider!" was Fritz, EC's guitarist's refrain between each song: Dry cider - the drink of the Gods he had just discovered and proceeded to drink to excess! Slotted in well with the locals.
Duckwind was a band formed from members from local psychedelic band Duck In Fog in order to play Hawkwind tracks; this included Col Spence on bass, who played in Terminus and was also a member of DIF before joining us - and Mick Hare on drums, obviously a Terminus drummer -  Rocky, also played guitar in DIF before playing in Terminus for a short while, and vocals would have been Graham Davis - DIF's vocalist.  "  (Mark Terminus)


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  1. The fact that there was even a Duckwind makes me want to attend this show !