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Tuesday 13 October 2020

v.a.-Anomalous Silencer-(Napalmed-Czech Republic-1996)

International CD compilation with a great bunch of artists playing industrial,noise,avant-garde and some rather bizzare passages of difficult electronic jingles to digest. 

Napalmed was a Czech D.I.Y. grindcore, industrial, noise label run by Radek Kopel. Its webpage is here.

Enjoy it.

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Track list:

  1. HERMIT - Masturbatorture [Can] 1:02
  2. HACHIMAN MAE - Animomemeiro; Ayaturare ningiyou [Jap] 7:22
  3. X RAY /porno/ GEISHA - L.O.W. [Ger] 10:37
  4. EINLEITUNGSZEIT - Anstich; Maschinen schaffen maschinen [Slk] 10:45
  5. SOR-ZOR-SHA - I hear a new Enca [Jap] 9:05
  6. XV PARÓWEK - Scooby Doo; Captain planet will be back; Mrs.Dracula; Fat green sausage dream; 2 stupid dogs; Stop it!; I heard a noise...what noise???, I...I meant the city, This music is totally crazy!!!, It should be safer in the tent; I'll start high [Pol] 9:07
  7. NAPALMED - Live performance 6.4.96 (excerpt)[Cze] 10:00
  8. SUKORA - Poplar house [Jap] 9:55
  9. SONIC DISORDER - Mi vida loca [Jap] 3:05
  10. HONZA ŠMEJKAL - Nemej mi gejši (bonus) [Cze] 2:39

total time 74".
Completely designed and collaged by RadeK.K. (Original artwork squares by bands).
Digitally sound transfered & remastered by Honza Šmejkal & Radek Kopel (Original recordings by bands).
Released 11.11.1996. 



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