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Monday 25 March 2019

DIE FIRMA-Die Firma-(Self Released-Germany-1991)

The very first name of this band was Firma Trötsch,they formed in 1983 and their line up was Tatjana Besson(voice+bass),Frank "Trötsch" Tröger (keyboards+voice), Key Pankonin (guitar+voice), Paul Landers (guitar ), Richard "Scholle" Kruspe (guitar), Uwe Gilbert (guitar), Faren Matern (bass+voice), Christoph Zimmermann (Bass), Lothar Greiss (drums), Thomas Schreiber (drums),probably their line up was very unsettled.
They published various live albums, few cassettes and 1 cd, only.
They split up in 1993.
Paul Lander and Christoph Schneider will join, eventually Rammstein.
A page in German language about them is here.
This cassette came out with a booklet with lyrics, pics and writings(scan included here)
Their music is a mix of indie rock and hardcore punk, quite original and personal. 
Enjoy it.


"Aufgenommen im Beatstudio 1991. Die Firma Tatjana, Trötsch, Faren, Christoph, Sven + Paul"

Came with a 32-paged booklet and a small flyer "Alles zum Wohle des Volkes".

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