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Sunday 24 September 2017


Happening Digitali Intereattivi was a project created and coordinated by Tommaso Tozzi.
It consisted of cd, a cd-Rom, a floppy disk and a 161 pages book.
All the images, music and texts were re-manipulable. 
A long lists of artists contributed to this very interesting project.Here I am c+p some info taken from Discogs.
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Re-manipulable interactive music, texts and images

A package designed and coordinated by

DIGITAL INTERACTIVE HAPPENINGS is an anthology of music, texts and images fruit of a team-work carried out by many people who have adopted methodological and creative criteria allowing other people's works to be manipulated in succession. The result: a huge joint cut-up. Networks of musicians, writers, and artists throughout Italy have been teamed up by Tommaso Tozzi to produce music, texts and images by sequentially re-manipulating each other's cue. In the majority of cases, the tool for such creative works has been a computer. All have been recorded in the form of digital data to allow anyone having a personal computer to join the networks and participate in the creation of open-end artistic works. Some works have been carried out and exchanged by exploiting the HACKER ART BBS, a digital data bank which can be accessed via computer and modem.
Writers : Agenzia di Comunicazione Antagonista, Baroni (Rumore), Bedini (Gronge), Branzaglia, Tsche @ Streik (Officine Schwartz), Daolio, Damsterdamned, Decoder, Gasparinetti, Gavyna, Giannuizzi, Gros (Officine Schwartz), Mace (Trap Magazine), Roby One Kenoby (Amen), Luigi e Oliver (Nautilus - Lega dei Furiosi), Perretta, Philopat (Decoder), Pinto, Renzoni, Spalck (Pankow), Storai, Valcavi (Informe), Vitolo, Bramante (Wide Records), Zingoni (G.M.M.)
DIGITAL INTERACTIVE HAPPENINGS has been self-produced by Tommaso Tozzi with the collaboration of:
Leonardi V-Idea (Genova), Neon (Bologna), SiLab (Firenze), Paolo Vitolo (Milano), Wide Records (Pisa).
CD-ROM, book (161 pages) and floppy disk (packed in a single 5 V4" floppy disk-container made of rigid, transparent plastics) has been distributed at the social centers, self-run distribution outputs, floppy-disk shops, bookshops, art galleries and computer shops.
Printed in 1100 copies (sold out).


Barcode and Other Identifiers


1 No Title
Written-By – Chiari*, Tozzi*
2 No Title
Written-By – Ludus Pinsky, FM*, Tax (2)
3 Casa Occupata Nel Tardo Pomeriggio
Written-By – Lion Horse Posse, Radio Gladio
4 No Title
Written By – Le Role*, S.F.*Written-By – MGZ
5 E Poi Chi C'è: Alessia È Un Trans
Written By – Alessia/Andrea AvanziniWritten-By – Gaiani*, Helena Velena
6 No Title
Written By – Le Role*, S.F.*Written-By – MGZ
7 No Title
Written-By – Ludus Pinsky, FM*, Tax (2)
8 Grida Il Nome Nell'Apposito Spazio
Written By – Trans xxxWritten-By – Gaiani*, Helena Velena
9 No Title
Written By – Le Role*, S.F.*Written-By – MGZ
10 Ay No Dub
Written By – De Luca*Written-By – Cesare*
11 Mister X
Written By – De Luca*Written-By – Marco Cesare
12 Mr. X
Written By – "Fantin"*, "La Repubblica"*
13 La Canzone Intelligente
Written-By – Alessandro Denni, Cochi E Renato
14 Muoviti Muoviti Vai Avanti (Ciò Che Chiami Nostalgia Non È Assolutamente Ciò Che Sto Cercando
Written By – "Campi"*, "Gilero"*Written-By – Helena Velena
15 No Title
Written By – Michele Mariano, "Mercuri"*, "R.N."*
16 Hipersonix 207 BPM
Written By – "Chip" Boni*, "Steve Rozz"*
17 Reprise
Written By – "Chip" Boni*, "Steve Rozz"*
18 No Title
Written By – "Mariano"*, "Mercuri"*, "R.N."*
19 GovernoTagliTasse
Written By – "Massimo Contrasto"*, "Mikeletron"*
20 PsilocibinaDigitale
Written By – "Massimo Contrasto"*, "Mikeletron"*
21 Quasimec
Written By – "Mikeletron"*, (Utenti Hacker Art BBS)*
22 No Title
Written By – "Mariano"*, "Mercuri"*, "R.N."*
23 Meteorite In Avvicinamento Alla Tua Finestra
Written By – "Bertoni & Serotti"*Written-By – Le Forbici Di Manitù
Written By – Riz A Porta*Written-By – Nannelli*, Marescalchi*, Luca Pancrazzi
25 Modula
Written By – "Nati"*Written-By – Maurizio montini
26 Mandala Random Music
Written By – AnonymousWritten-By – Glessi*
Written By – Marescalchi*, "Riz A Porta"*Written-By – Nannelli*, Luca Pancrazzi
Written By – "Riz A Porta"*Written-By – Nannelli*, Marescalchi*, Pancrazzi*
Written By – "Riz A Porta"*Written-By – Nannelli*, Marescalchi*, Pancrazzi*
30 Lo Stitico
Written-By – Musica & Immagine*
31 1:1
Written-By – Enrico Serotti, Le Forbici Di Manitù, Bertoni*
Written-By – Montini*, Leddi*
33 43b44mv3
Written-By – Montini*, Leddi*
34 Strutture Molecolamellari
Written By – "Nati"*Written-By – Montini*
35 No Title
Written-By – Chiari*, Tozzi*

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