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Tuesday 23 August 2016

DESOBEDIENCIA CIVIL/POS-GUERRA- ¡Basta Bastard@s!! / Sonho Plebeu[Split demo]-(Depapuseve Distro+Self Released-Mexico-1998)

Desobediencia Civil are Mexican-Pos Guerra are Brasilian,they join forces in this split tape to deliver us their angry and fast HC Punk with political lyrics.
A very good recording and a nice folded graphix cover sleeve complete this amazing split tape,it came out with a booklet reporting their ideas and lyrics unfortunately I lost it,sorry.
Up the punx.
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A1Desobediencia Civil Enemig@s De Dios
A2 Desobediencia Civil Soldadito De Plomo
A3 Desobediencia Civil Relief Pt.4
A4 Desobediencia Civil Éste Triste Mundo
A5 Desobediencia Civil Escúchame Patrón
A6 Desobediencia Civil Tod@s L@s Rebeldes
A7 Desobediencia Civil No Más Llanto
A8 Desobediencia Civil Vivisecciones
A9 Desobediencia Civil Exterminio
A10 Desobediencia Civil Peste Neo-Nazi
A11 Desobediencia Civil Pres@s
B1 Pós-Guerra Despedida
B2 Pós-Guerra Sonho Plebeu
B3 Pós-Guerra Faca Meu Dia!
B4 Pós-Guerra Homofobia Nao!
B5 Pós-Guerra Becos Escuros
B6 Pós-Guerra Anti-Patriarcado
B7 Pós-Guerra Terrorismo Policia
B8 Pós-Guerra Dominick
B9 Pós-Guerra Condenado
B10 Pós-Guerra Terra Natal
B11 Pós-Guerra Produzir
B12 Pós-Guerra Anti-Racismo
B13 Pós-Guerra Punk Do Suburbio

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