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Friday 8 January 2016

HIDEG RONCS-A Hang/The Voice-(Neuzeitliche Tonkonstruktionen-Germany-1992)

"Hideg Roncs is a Hungarian experimental, noise, drone, ambient group since the middle of the '80s. Now the lineup is:
Mihály Rácz: Bass, Percussion, Electronics, Voices
Ferenc Broder: Bass, Synts, Electronics, Voices. also play in solo project."

(From Discogs)
This cassette was self released in 1991 and then re-released by the german label Neuzeiliche Tonkonstruktionene in 1992.
Here a review originally published on Soft Watch and then re-printed on discogs.
" The last cassette I reviewed by these I was well impressed by, and this one is even better to my ears - especially the 'A' side.
The A' side opens with the first of four movements (apparently). I get criticised, among other things, for comparing music to THROBBING GRISTLE, but no-one who knows TG could possibly think of any other group. It reminds me a little of the non-beat void between more composed parts of the "TGCD" - an echoing mass of effects and instruments (mainly guitar) which move slowly through an amorphous gunge of sound. both minimal & dense, subtle & noisily scary. The images they create - of howling isolation, of souls in pain and torment, of greyness and hopelessness, of a wasteful, wasteland world gone beyond the point of repair. Far, far beyond. Listening to this, you could easily give up hope & succumb to it's cold metal/cold flesh message. The second piece opens with what can only be a massed chanting Ethnic song, distorted, more naturally than by FX into a smooth, wavering bass loop. The next piece grows up on a warm night wind through darkness, a wind from aeons ago, as if sweeping in from dark, unexplored deserts, scouring around the Sphinx, around the giant tombs of the ancients and back out into the ageless, tractless waste. A beating rhythm, perhaps human, perhaps the old heart of the land given life again, acts as harbinger for the spirits, which sing on mournful human voices, calling the recently dead to their allotted destination. It's a black-yet-calming piece of music, a muted trance-like feel, almost like being lulled into sleep by a machine, yet much more biological - somehow more human. 

Side two opens with a much larger, noisier piece, growing on barely perceiveable bass into a huge, white, churning sound. This is not harsh, in the way that the Pure Noise groups are harsh, but is nevertheless a dense & noisy snowstorm of sound. You feel, through the cycling sound. that there is a constructed piece of music beneath the soaring, flanged white-mass. After this comes another track, this one using a piercing high-pitched sound to compliment the machine-like, distant-steam- train rhythm. The vocalist shouts & screams alone in the far distance, adding more dimensions to the chaos / noise sound. It forms into dense, distorted masses of sound, ebbs away again, dancing a loud dance over the muted 'beat'."
Their soundcloud page is here.This rip is been kindly donated by B.A.O. 
thank you very much,mate. 
Enjoy it.
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