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Saturday, 16 January 2016

GENTE CON PERRA-Gente Con Perra(Not On Label-Germany-2009)

Gente con Perra means People With Female Dog.This is not a band but just a "one off project"  realised with fun by some friends living together in Bremen(Germany)-one of them was Mexican therefore the name in spanish language.
As they write on the spartan cover sleeve of this tape:"This is a direct recording celebrated in our living room on 17th Feb.2009.It is  not a demo tape,it is just the recording of a moment,don`t be disappointed."
I am not sure if they ever distributed this cassette,maybe they made few copies to give away to friends.They play nice electro mixed with a bit of punk,some metal and more crazy stuff with female/male vocals.Not bad at all,especially thinking that it seems it was kind of improvised...
Enjoy it.
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