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Sunday 10 January 2016

I.F. COMIX-(Fanzine-Graphic Novel-Working Press-UK-1990)

This is an amazing graphic novel by the very well known artist Graham Harwood, an internet page about his stunning  work is here.
Harwood and Stefan Szczelkun set up the 'Working Press' (books by and about working class artists) in 1987. During his involvement with the Working Press Harwood produced the UK's first computer generated graphic Novel in 1990 'If Comix Mental' (a Gulf war satire).
Incredibly enough Working Press was based in St.Agnes Place,a road/community all squatted(about 22 houses) since the late 70s and evicted with a massive involvment of the army and riot-police in 2005.
Big thanx to Graham for giving me permission to post this excellent graphic novel here.
Enjoy it.
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