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Thursday 8 October 2015

v.a.CERIMONIAL-(The Brain Of The Monster-Italy-c90-1988)

This compilation is made of different live recordings from an experimental rock festival in Prato(Tuscany) and the Meeting Anticlericale in Fano(Marche) in 1988. It was released by The Brain Of The Monster, a radical fanzine about music and anti-art conceived by a famous mail artist: Alessandro Ceccotto in Adria. He was running a big mail art archive, and few fanzines as well.I already posted some stuff published by him as Mail Art Archive. I have no idea how many copies he printed of it.The cover sleeve was a xerox copy of red plasticized paper.About the bands: there is not much need for an introduction as many are very famous nowadays. As overall the recordings are not bad if you consider that they were all captured live.
Enjoy it.
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a01-CURRENT 93-oh,coal black smith
a02-CURRENT 93-black flowers ,please
a03-LEGENGARY PINK DOTS-intro-true love
a04-LEGENDARY PINK DOTS-vigil anti
a05-LEGENDARY PINK DOTS-a lost for powder
a06-LEGENDARY PINK DOTS-intro-the echo police
a07-PAOLO GIARO-insulti programmatici
b01-PAOLO GIARO-orchestrion
b02-T.A.G.C.-music n1
b06-EINSTURZENDE NEUBAUTEN-zeichnungen des patienten e. t

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