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Saturday 24 October 2015

N-HEXANA-Nocivo-(Katatonik Tapes-Portugal(?)-c46-199?)

This is another mystery tape.I have received it from Paulo Maldoror of  Nigredo in the beginning of the 90s.As far As I remember He didn`t give me any info about it.
I cannot find informations about this label Katanotik Tapes and there is no address listed,I can only guess it was a Portuguese label or maybe just another project by Paulo using another name.
I passed this rip to Vita Ignes Corpus Lignum blog few years ago,I am going to add here the review written at the time by Crepusculum-thanx mate.:)
Enjoy it.
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"had zero info about this incredibly rare projekt other than that {{F@R@W@Y}} received it from Paulo Maldoror quite some time ago.. another one ov those instances here when thee need came to turn to thee friend one can always rely upon for "spreading the sickness" : Mauricio.. turns out it was a projekt ov thee other member ov Portuguese ritual elektronikx projekt Nigredo: Lucrecia Bosch!! when asked how he knew this Mauricio replied: "i am a fucking bible how may times do i have to tell you that??" jeje

thee projekt name N - Hexana likely refers to N - Hexane: a chemical made from crude oil and believed to have potential carcinogenic properties..

thee cassette comes packaged with a transparency overlayed upon silver foil which makes for quite a nice visual effect!! thee texts collaged onto thee cover all refer to warnings about thee known black-lung agent: asbestos..

sonicly thee cassette consists ov two 23 minute sektions ov caustic atmospheric power-elektronikx!! what else would you expect from a projekt so obviously focussed upon these agents ov thee deterioration and maligning ov lived experience?? ov course: an effort at making us aware ov thee detriment inherent in thee toxified industrial waste ridden excesses ov this modern world..

No track listing..

(transferred by [[F@R@W@Y]] / review by crepusculum)"

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