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Sunday 13 November 2022

RONRUINS - Ketsunoana - (Pandemonium Records-France-1998)

 Super trio playing prog-tech experimental fast music with many times changes and incredible new dimensions mixing jazzcore with prog-rock passages.I have, already written about the fantastic band called Ruins when I posted their old tape The Best Of Ruins, and I have also written about their super skilled drummer Tatsuya Yoshida. In this cd they are jojned by Ron Anderson, a multi-instrumentalist intuitive music maker who plays traditional instruments like the electric guitar but also will use anything that can make a sound - including the recording studio. He has nearly 60 recordings released. He has his own Record Label "RA Sounds": ronanderson-molecules.com, Bandcamp 

Tatsuya Yoshida (b. Jan 9, 1961) is a prominent Japanese avant-garde/jazz/experimental drummer, composer, producer & sound engineer, one of key figures on Japan's underground scene. Founder of the innovative rhythm section duo Ruins (plus a few Ruins-related projects), zeuhl band Koenjihyakkei, prog/fusion/polyrhythmic jazz trio Korekyojinn, acapella vocal group Zubi Zuva/Zubi Zuva X, etc. Runs Magaibutsu label and the eponymous studio.

Since the early eighties, Yoshida had played and collaborated with many critically praised Japanese bands, such as Zeni Geva, High Rise (2), YBO², Musica Transonic, Vasilisk, Dissecting Table, various Acid Mothers Temple units, ZOA, and Aburadako. Nicknamed "devil from the East," Tatsuya Yoshida is an extremely prolific and technically skilled drummer, praised for his vicious raw energy and the ability to play superhumanly fast while keeping even the most complex rhythmic structures sharp and pristine.

The drummer has worked with the entire avant-garde 'hall of fame' of the last four decades, from Fred Frith and Derek Bailey to Keiji Haino and Otomo Yoshihide. John Zorn, who praised Tatsuya as an "undisputed master drummer of the Japanese underground," invited him to play in the seminal jazz/grindcore unit PainKiller (2) on several occasions after Mick Harris' departure, and had a huge impact on Yoshida's recognition overseas.

Tatsuya was a long-time collaborator of a controversial noise artist Juntaro Yamanouchi. He participated in one of The Gerogerigegege's very few documented early 'secret shows' (which were happening at fetish/S&M gay clubs), released on '91 Live Greatest Hits CD. In January of 1987 at a private Hanzōmon residence in Tokyo, Yoshida (equipped with vibrator, whip & enema) joined J.Y. on toy instruments to create a rather sparse accompaniment for Gero 36 who screamed and moaned in pleasure and pain while masturbating and self-pleasuring/torturing in every unimaginable way. According to the 'Live History (1986~1990)' list in the booklet, it was the Gerogerigegege's third-ever concert: just a couple months after Nov '86 'maiden voyage' at WASEDA University Auditorium and the same week the band played at Antiknock in Shinjuku. Tatsuya Yoshida also played drums and announced tracks on '94 thrash/1-2-3-4 noisecore Instruments Disorder (170 Songs CD)—perhaps the loudest and harshest Gerogerigegege's albums to date. Finally, Yoshida mastered several of the band's albums, including an hour-long minimal ambient/drone None Friendly '99 CD, and their last official release prior to 2001–16 hiatus, Saturdaynight Big Cock Salaryman CD EP.  official webpge: magaibutsu.com Pandemonium Records was a French noise-rock label from Marseille, launched in the 1990's by Philippe Petit. (all the info from Discogs)  
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