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Saturday 13 August 2022

INSOLENTES/TXIXAPARRAZTA– Insolentes / Txixaparrazta -(Humildad Y Honestidad/ Difusion Anarcopunx/ Liberacion O Muerte/En Caos Records -Spain-2006)

 Split 7 Inch by 2 anarcho-punk bands: Insolentes from Mexico City and Txixaparrazta from Basque Country. This production was a benefit for anarchist prisoners, it comes with info and addresses of various political prisoners. The folded cover sleeve reports lyrics(English translations provided) and messages against the state and this rotten society. It was a joint effort of 4 different labels.

I have already posted a rare cassette by Insolentes released in 2004. As for the music, Insolentes assault us with their devastating crust-core , while Txixaparrazta reminds me of some bands from the UK peace punk scene as sounds and music yet they sing in Basque language making their music very personal.

I left these tracks as waves, Enjoy it.

:f¬a:r)a/w:a¬y click me

A1InsolentesGas Mostaza
A2InsolentesEncierra El Encierro
A3InsolentesMaldita Costumbre
A4InsolentesA Como Eres Pendejo!
B3TxixaparraztaOkupazioa Irtenbidea
B4TxixaparraztaEtorkizunari Loluta  


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