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Wednesday 15 January 2020

v.a.-Prayer Of Mankind-(SSSM-Japan-2xc60-1997)

Astonishing double c60 tape compilation with an amazing selection of artists and tracks!
The music evolves in areas such as noise-ambient, power-electronics, industrial, drone and similar genres.
It came out with a variety of printed paper inserts housed in a plastic bag. 
SSSM was a Japanese label releasing tapes and CDRs of experimental, abstract and noise artists, operated by Hiroshi Hashimoto
It is still active and you can check its latest releases on its Bandcamp Page.
Enjoy it.
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A1 Brume Hate's So Good Part 1 5:10
A2 Brume Hate's So Good Part 2 6:13
A3 Die Sonne Satan Addenda 6:25
A4 Die Sonne Satan A Dirge 4:38
A5 Streicher Juda Verrecke ! II 8:27
B1 Tesendalo Arbeits Kopie 11:23
B2 Black Elegance Hole Of Bride 9:28
B3 Fatal Impact In Progress (The Rum) 4:39
B4 Fatal Impact Fun Choice (The Dup) 3:58
C1 Telepherique Finsternis 5:23
C2 Telepherique + Tesendalo Licht 5:25
C3 Skin Crime One Dark Sun 5:41
C4 Skin Crime Masturbation Fantasy #176 4:34
C5 Runes Order The Church 10:24
D1 Bad Sector Alexander 1922 5:33
D2 Bad Sector Maria 1954 6:11
D3 M.S.B.R.* Red Breast 9:56
D4 Contagious Orgasm Guilty Connector 9:05