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Saturday 5 October 2019

SNIGMORD-Demo 2012-(Alerta Antifascista-Germany+Halo Of Flies-USA-2012)

"from the ashes of The Assassinators, comes SNIGMORD.
a bit more Norvegian (a member boasts quite the Norsepunk resume), and yet perhaps even catchier than their past band(s) somehow.
in the spirit of great melodic Scandinavian punk rock and punk still being fucking political without being shite."
(taken from Halo Of Flies Bandcamp)

Alerta Antifascista Records is a label, distribution, mail-order, and booking agency for loud and heavy music based in Hannover, Germany.
The label offers many sub-genres of punk, hardcore, and metal and adopts an anti-fascism attitude.
Formerly known as Fuckin' People Records.(from Discogs)
Their Bandcamp page is here
This tape came out with a folded cover sleeve reporting lyrics in Norwegian and English + address and a few pics.
A great tape if you are into melodic yet powerful and fast HC Punk with political lyrics. 
Enjoy it.

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