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Monday 7 October 2019

SEXUAL MILKSHAKE-Space Gnome And Other Hits-(Teenbeat-USA-1990)

Formed in the late 1980s in Harrisonburg, VA, Sexual Milkshake originally consisted of three members: Sexua, Lmil, and Kshake (also known as Greg Allen, Chris Callahan, and Todd/Rusty Massie, respectively). Their musical philosophy could best be summed up in a comment Greg Allen once tossed off: "Tune schmoon, just play!"(from Teenbeat Records Official Webpage).
Describing the music of this crazy band isn`t an easy task, I might say Art Rock, bizarre free jazz,improvised semi-genial passages or all of this mixed together as a weird milkshake, maybe...
For all of you curious to know more about this rather obscure band then you`ll find 2 biographies on a page dedicated to them in the above-linked webpage, where you can get the other productions by this trio while this 7 inch appears to be sold out. 
To complete this post I am attaching a couple of videos so you'll have an idea of their rather strange performances. 
Enjoy it.
All copies include multiple inserts along with a Space Gnome mask, which is numbered and matches the dust sleeve numbering.5 test pressings
1st press: 1000 on clear red vinyl
2nd press: 1000 on black vinyl


Lick The Toad
Space Gnome
Bus To B.C.


  1. I really enjoyed this! Thanks for the discover and the link. Have you the 'Sing-a-Long/The White Man' album ?

  2. Hello Seas,the Sing-A-Long album is available on the webpage of Teenbeat records,the link for their webpage is there on this post...you can get it straight from them...

  3. THNAKS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>