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Tuesday 29 August 2017

TROMATISM-Une Saison En Enfer-(Active Distribution-UK-2000)

"Tromatism was a French punk band formed by Loran (formerly a member of Bérurier Noir and also Ze6). The band was famous for their live theatrical performances and on-stage visual arts.
While using some esoteric musical elements like drum machines, violins and flutes combined with anarcho punk influence, the band sounded hardcore and its lyrics had an emphasis on politics,specific issues like veganism, ecology, vivisection, anti-violence, colonialism and, homosexuality. They played in squats and defended such a way of life and existence by participating in open resistance against eviction and government intrusion.The group was active between 1993 to 1998,specific going on numerous tours and releasing two EPs (titled "K7 live" in 1993 and "Je ne veux plus avoir mal", roughly translated to "I don't want to suffer any longer" in 1994) and one full length LP in 2000 (titled "Une saison en enfer", roughly translated to "A season in hell). 

Apparently, the LP is still readily obtainable in Bourges, France (We doubt this! -jon active) where the singer is said to still reside and is actively involved in the punk scene.

Tromatism split in 1999 but individual members of the group are still active in the French punk, music and art community as phenomenal musicians,
performers ,and respected political punks."(Info from Active distribution web site)

This is one of the best French band that I ever saw live, their performances were just stunning and powerful leaving the audience in an haze of astonishment and  joy.Tribal electro punk with many messages,I am including here some videos as I think you should really watch their live actions.A wikipedia page in French  is here.This lp is a great release too.
Enjoy it.
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A2 Egoland
A3 L'Amour Est Enfant De Bohême
A4 L'Arme A Came
A5 Violence
A6 Laids Sbires
A7 Sayonara
B1 Revanche Indienne
B2 Intifada
B3 Mururoa
B4 Vichy Picrate
B5 Femme
B6 Tiocfaidh'Ar-là
B7 Itoiz



Recorded and mixed at Studios Pekor Production



  1. I still remember the only gig i attended of them. Amazing live band!!!

  2. Still remember their italian figa.Amazing live band!!!