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Tuesday 1 August 2017

A SUBWAY ARTS/NO MORE Collaboration-Some Words About A Few Things,All Life Is Equal-(Split Lp-Per Koro-Germany-1993)

Amazing split Lp by those two bands from Luxemburg. They both play a kind of fast old school HC punk. Nice lyrics and great graphics too.
This is a concept album focused on animal rights and other interesting political subjects, the English lyrics come into a  huge double-sided foldout sleeve and are translated in French and German too.
Per Koro is a German label specialized in Hardcore, Grindcore, Punk and Metal releases. It is still active, check their webpage here.
A very good album from the last century with lots of still up-to-date messages.
Enjoy it.
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A1 Subway Arts In The Name Of Cruelty
A2 Subway Arts Blind Sight
A3 Subway Arts All For Nothing
A4 Subway Arts The Right Opinion About The Wrong Thing
A5 Subway Arts When Children Play
A6 Subway Arts Fake
A7 Subway Arts Silence Is Golden
A8 Subway Arts This World
B1 No More (2) A Nice Trip To The Slaughterhouse
B2 No More (2) Thou Shalt Not Kill
B3 No More (2) Respect
B4 No More (2) Modern Society
B5 No More (2) Freedom Now
B6 No More (2) Patridiot
B7 No More (2) It Hurts To See
B8 No More (2) Believe In Yourself
B9 No More (2) Barricades

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