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Saturday 22 July 2017

Alberto Fiori Carones-Solo Ed Esclusivamente-(ADN-Italy-1985)

Astonishing cassette by Alberto Fiori Carones, musician, and mastermind of the label megamagomusic.
Full experiments of various nature on this old yet great k7 released in a  limited edition of 105 copies back in 1985.
Adn was an Italian electronic/experimental/industrial label based in Milan. ADN was run by Marco Veronesi, Piero Bielli and Alberto Crosta (with one Carla Crotti also involved at some point), although Alberto Crosta was the main international contact.
ADN was established in 1983 as the first Italian fanzine for experimental new music published in English. The very first issue was called "L'Amore del Nipote" which set the trend for all labels as acronyms of ADN. The fanzine published 8 issues through to Spring 1986, with the later issues (co-released with "Skeletal Work") including optional sampler cassettes. The booklet and cassette idea carried on with the series of various artist releases called "Out Of Standard".
Most of their early releases were ADN Cassettes. For their vinyl releases, post new-wave and industrial music came out on the label 'A Dull Note', whilst avant-garde and "RiO" Rock In Opposition (left-field experimental rock) releases came out on 'Auf Dem Nil'. There was also a short-lived CD label 'Alma De Nieto' and some other name variations. A few 'Auf Dem Nil' releases were also branded "Recommended Records Italia". In 2014 ADN has restarted with 3 new labels " Artisti del Novecento" (R.I.O. and Electronics) "Apparémment des Notes" (re-editions and obscure artists) and "Agnostic Dumplings Nursery" with the compilation dedicated to Marco Veronesi (who died in 2013)[info taken from discogs]

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  1. This is special. Thank you kindly for this. I am glad to hear they are still reactive. I will search them out now. Stay bent. ♥