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Friday 23 June 2017

DISSCIORDA-Alienation Breeders(Agipunk-Italy-2005)

Amazing  furious HC Punk by this italian combo from Southern Italy!
I wrote about them when I posted their rare  split tape with Pastafrolla.In that post you can find a small bio written by the drummer Alfredo and the explanation of this funny name.
This cd had an excellent review by Maximum Rock`n Roll magazine,here it is:"Damn this is really good! I like this more every time I listen to it. Unfortunately it´s fair to say this record looks really bad. With a logo stolen from Discharge and some less-than-exciting picture you´d problably pass this up. But this band is not a Disclone. DISSCIORDA plays some really out-standing punk that is recorded with the perfect amount of clarity while remaining intensely driving and raw. I love the vocals - they are not the least bit crusty, but are instead youth-fully shouted in both the English and Italian languages with passion and convinction. In fact the vocals remind me of FINAL CONFLICT. The reason i review for MRR is for bands like this, I would have not heard this until it was ten years old otherwise. I suggest that you find it quickly. Another awesome release from Agipunk." (WK) Maximum Rock n Roll #263.
Enjoy it.
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