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Friday 5 May 2017

CHAIN D.L.K. issue 6 + CHAIN D.L.K. CD Compilation n1-(Fanzine+Cd-Chain DLK-Italy-Feb.1999)

Number 6 of this amazing fanzine,I already posted the number 7 released the same year in October and coming with the cd compilation number 2.
I also already  spoke about D.L.K. Zine  managed by  Marc Urselli-Schärer before He started to cooperate with Maurizio Pustianaz.
This excellent fanzine is still active as webzine,check it here.
Also in this number lots of interesting interviews + tons of reviews of cds,vinyls  and tapes. 
The cd compilation offer us a very good selection of artists playing EBM,Electro,Industrial and similar genres from the sonic grey area.
Here I am going to attach the introductions that the editors wrote for this issue and few info about the cd taken from discogs.
Enjoy it.
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1:wumpscut: Flucht 4:29
2 Noxious Emotion Integral (Integral-Tweek Mix) 3:13
3 Mimetic Field* Overture (Remixture) 4:30
4 Matrix (9) Give (Direct Injection Mix) 4:19
5 Eye (3) The Vivisector (All The People Killed - DLK Mix) 4:21
6 TV Noise Vortex 4:30
7 Devotion (3) Be Careful 3:04
8 Des (2) Infected 3:59
9 Trans Atlantic Crush Lies 4:26
10 Dream Sequence (3) 0096 3:25
11 Zoar Wisteria 5:50
12 Maureen Evans-Hansen Out Of The Blue 2:39
13 Hi Tom To Catch A T 4:30
14 TH26 Mech Pio 3:56
15 Erasermen Moanin' (Budinosunday RMX The Day After) 2:59
16 Circus Joy Improvviso Vivo (!) (Live) 4:30
17 :Zero Giochiamo A Un Gioco 2:11
18 Cliffs & Bridges Lower End Your Life 3:12
19 Gerstein Dagon 3:30

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