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Saturday 15 April 2017

PUNCHLINE "Age Of Discover Up"- N12-(Magazine-Usa-1992)

Number 12 of this astonishing magazine,it came out in 1992,the year of the celebrations(or anti-celebrations) for the american continet`s discovery.
Of course an issue of Punchline had to be dedicated to the anti-celebrations.So,amazing graphix works and messages against the rape/destructions of the indigenus people/culture and other interesting related issues. For whover missed my other posts about this great magazine:this was the amazing magazine created and assembled  by John Yates-(I must give him a big thanx for giving me permission to post here those fantastic magazines)- and  friends during the early 90s.
Each number dedicated to a different subject.I have already posted the number 7.5"cop"the Number 5 "WARning" and The number 13 "Static Elect Trickery".
This issue has also a very intersting introduction by John.A "must have" magazine for all the lovers of the old underground press.
Enjoy it.
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