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Tuesday 31 January 2017

TRAUMA SYNDROM / L.G. MAIR Jr-[Split Tape]-Feuerball / Aradia-(Ebu`s Music-Germany-c60-1992)

Amazing split tape with Trauma Syndrom from Germany and  L.G. Mair Jr. from Usa released by Carsten Olbrich,musician and owner of the tape label Ebu`s Music,Tape label  & mailorder established in 1988,this label(covered few times in this blog already) is still active and you can read all the news and info on his actual webpage.
is Herald Gallinis and he did release other stuff using the same name without  the initial "Das" !!
His music is a kind of electro well structured and combined with synth and vocals.
L.G mair Jr. is an american artist playing electro and active in the 90s.
This tape is a very good example of old school electro magnetism.
Enjoy it.